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Vision Gate Design offers a wide variety of quality Personal, Product & Service Marketing Solutions.

Creative services include Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Development,

a variety  of Website Solutions (Mobile and Desktop, Responsive, Parallax, Single Page, with e-Commerce and Blog integration),

all Print solutions (Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Letterheads, Posters, Catalogs, Product Packaging),

and iPhone, iPad  & Android Apps.

The Rest of the Team


There are a few and trusted designers and developers that like me work independently and that I consider part of my team. When their skills are needed to enhance my own I am always happy to get them involved.


If you are a talented individual and want to join my team send me a quick note, I am always looking for talent.

Villa Capra a.k.a. La Rotonda

Hi, I am Daniela, the founder of Vision Gate Design.


I had the great fortune of growing up in Italy surrounded by some of the most beautiful and renowned Palladio architecture. My grandfather, Bernardino Boifava, was a well-known sculptor; his classical monuments grace many a “piazza” in Italy. My home was, and still is, filled with some of his smaller works. Growing up in such a rich visual environment, and my extensive world travels have left a deep impression on my creative style.


I founded Vision Gate Design in the late '90s and to this day I bring the same passion, child-like wonder and curiosity at the start of every project. Being an avid learner both in the creative and the technological fields I always seek new, elegant and cost-effective solutions.


Promoting your business, product or service in this ever-changing and evolving world can be a challenge. This is what I love to do and am passionate about, enabling you manifest your business vision.


And you’ll find my style friendly and collaborative, which helps create long lasting business relationships.



• Logo Design

• Brand Development

• Social Media Identity


• Business Cards

• Brochures

• Flyers

• Catalogs

• Advertising

• CD Packaging


• Mobile & Desktop Websites

• APPs (iPhone, iPad & Android)

• eBooks &  iBooks

•  iPad Publishing

• DigiBooklet


• Restoration

• Retouching

• Product Photography



have a project

Big or small, apps, print, web, logo, illustrations and more, whatever is your need, just give me a shout,

I'd love to hear from you.

Online portfolio: VisionGate.com

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